Two By 2

What is Two by 2?

Are you interested in serving the Lord though mission, but don’t want to serve alone and can’t find anyone who has the same passion? It can sometimes be difficult to find another person who wants to travel to the same area, serve in the same way or for the same amount of time. Two by 2 aims to match individuals who are interested in serving the Lord in similar ways.
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Why serve in pairs?

As Christians we always look to the example of Jesus. When Jesus sent out His disciples to various parts of the world to spread the news of God’s offer of salvation, he always sent them in pairs. Serving with another individual offers accountability, security, friendship and support.
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How does Two by 2 match individuals?

Two by 2 operates a database of Christian individuals and their preferences for serving. When a suitable match is found, both individuals are contacted by Two by 2 via email. Any committed Christian who is interested is welcome to register online.
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Two by 2 is a member of Missions Interlink, the professional body for Australian evangelical mission agencies.



There are many benefits to traveling and working in pairs. How does two by 2 help you?

Registering with two by 2 captures your details into our database and endables us to seek out a suitable match for you,.
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Victoria and Liz (both nurses) went to a remote island off the coast of northern Sulawesi, Indonesia.  They ran a medical clinic, helping people deal with various health problems (eg they extracted a 4cm metal spike which had completely penetrated a man's foot).   

Victoria and Liz - Sydney